appalachian salt sampler

Made in Malden, West Virginia by J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works.

This artisan salt is sourced from an ancient, untouched sea called the Iapetus Ocean (predating the Atlantic) trapped below the Appalachian mountains.

Free of contaminants and heavy metals. Processed naturally using the power of the sun and gentle mountain breezes.  

This set includes a 1 oz jar of heirloom finishing salt, 1 oz jar of apple wood smoked salt, and 1 oz jar of WV ramp salt. 

This trio of salts gives you the true flavor of Appalachia. 
The plain heirloom is the most versatile and will become a staple in your kitchen. The applewood salt is smoked over local apple wood for 3 days to give it a soft, sweet smoky flavor that still allows the unique characteristics of our salt to come through.
For the ramp salt, a local forager harvests the ramps (wild mountain onions) then they are mixed them into the heirloom salt to infuse the flavor. 

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